The tooling Engineering process at Fiberdome begins with Fiberdome and our customer discussing the part design as the part concept is brought to Fiberdome. Our professional tooling and manufacturing staff works closely with our customer, allowing Fiberdome engineers and tooling specialists to develop tooling that will efficiently meet our customer’s needs and requirements. Fiberdome tooling provides the highest quality finished product while paying particular attention to guarantee our customers efficient capital investment in tooling.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic tooling requires that a wooden pattern is created utilizing a  computer controlled machined part file. The pattern surface is finished out to a class A automotive finish utilizing a coating of filled polyester resin.

Special tooling resin and glass systems are then used to make a ‘reverse image’ pattern braced using wood, steel and other necessary materials to reinforce and hold original shape. If subassembly is required, required fixtures are constructed, assembled, and affixed to the tooling at this stage of mold production. When completed, this part actually performs as the production mold. The production mold surface is finished to a class A automotive finish. The mold finish is critical to the quality of the finished part, and Fiberdome’s tooling experts ensure the highest quality finish possible.

Fiberglass parts are trimmed using a high speed robot or are trimmed by our factory staff using custom fit and built trimming and drilling jigs.